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        Jiangsu shengda environmental protection equipment co.,LTD
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        Lead Fume Purifier

        Time:2017-07-28 18:01:36 Browse:213


        The dusty air with lead fume will enter into the HKE lead fume purification tower from air opening. There are five stages.

        (1) 1st Stage: When the lead fume comes from the opening, it rotates first, and the big particle is removed by the cyclone type and fall into the bottom water tank.

        (2) 2nd Stage: when the air enters into the 2nd stage, in this stage, the air will contact with liquid by the gap. The flow direction for liquid and air is opposite. It will reduce the liquid speed to avoid the triangle jet due to air-liquid co-current and ensure better contact between liquid and air. On the top of gap, keep a thin and uniform liquid, ensure the air and liquid disperse and gather constantly to get better mass change efficiency.

        (3) 3rd Stage: the air flow will enter into the spiral layer plate treatment section through the slat gap. The main part of air-liquid mass transfer adopts spiral flow plate with high superficial velocity, making use of centrifugal principle, the air will rotate after passing, the droplets will be swung to the tower wall and get separated with the force of centrifugal force, then flow back after condensation, the air flow will continue to enter into the reverse rotation tower plate so that it will have rotational flow contact.

        (4) 4th Stage: The air will enter into multi-hole turbulence grid. It will enter into the packing layer, the liquid will have full mass change with the liquid film. Part of the dust will flow to the circulating water tank with the water flow direction.

        (5) 5th Stage: The air will enter into the liquid removal layer and remove the water vapor inside.

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